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We strive to be Africa’s leading risk management consultants.

In today’s fast evolving economy effective risk management is a critical component of any winning management strategy. Whatever the size, nature or location of your business, it will face operational, strategic and regulatory risks. Effective assessment and management of these risks will reduce volatility while increasing both your profitability and shareholder value.

When properly designed, a risk management program allows an organisation to actually take in additional risk while growing more securely. We at Liaison can help you identify and address all areas of business risk, benchmark your performance against your peers and provide best practice advice to help you develop your risk management culture. All our services are designed to improve your risk controls and, in turn, reduce your insurance premiums.

We work with international risk engineering consultancies and Lloyds of London Brokers, all staffed with technically qualified and industry experienced engineers enabling us to provide our clients with professional and objective support through a range of hazard analysis, risk assessment, valuation and related services.

We design and provide a wide array of risk management consulting for all businesses
Risk Management Products & Services

  • Risk Surveys: Risk Management is a systematic method of identifying, analysing, treating, communicating and monitoring risks associated with any activity, function or process in a way that enables an organisation to minimise exposure to loss and maximize opportunity. At LIAISON, we believe that Risk Management (RM) is an integral part of our clients’ Strategic & Operational objectives used to not only prevent losses but also strengthen their operating integrity and thereby enhancing economic performance of their business operations. RM is to us a Key Service Deliverable that seeks not only to add value to our core services but to support our clients in realization of their Operational and Strategic Objectives. Our in-depth risk surveys will highlight areas of adverse exposures and recommend strategies to minimize the risks. When the preferred risk treatment mechanism is transfer through Insurance such surveys will be useful in negotiation competitive Insurance to achieve necessary cost efficiencies.
  • Insurance Consultancy:  Our range of Insurance Consulting includes:
    • Insurance programme design: Recommending the right insurance for your specific needs.
    • Managing Insurance tenders: Using our independent position and knowledge of the Insurance market, we assist you evaluation to choose the best option.
    • Insurance management: we take the position of your In-house Insurance department, relieving you of day -to-day intricate insurance matters.
    • Insurance policy audit: Our role will be to report on what’s covered, what’s not, and what needs to be
    • Claims management: this includes preparing and managing Insurance Claims and optimising on recovery including liaising with Loss Adjusters, Assessors, Lawyers and if necessary supporting litigation or arbitration procedures, always acting for our clients best interests.
  • Project Insurance Administration: Project Insurance requires special expertise and skill in liaising with EPC Contractors, Subcontractors, Lenders, Insurances Brokers, Underwriters, Regulators, Project Employers and the many parties involved in huge projects. Our specialised service includes:
    • Regulatory approvals
    • Market Diplomacy
    • Analysis of key project agreements: Ensuring that contractual exposures are clearly understood by all parties.
    • Reporting on project risks: Highlighting areas of exposure
    • Negotiation of contractual insurance requirements
    • Review of insurance, reinsurance and captive insurers: ensuring the risk to lenders, Project Employers and all parties remains acceptable.
    • Acting as the Insurance reference point for all Project parties
  • Specialised Risk Advisory: Services include:
    • Captive Insurance
    • Cyber Risk Exposure
    • Catastrophic loss modelling
    • Business Continuity and crisis management advisory
    • Supply chain exposure risks
    • Disaster recovery advisory
    • Emergency risk advisory: Including: Climate change, Technology, Geopolitics, Demographics, Governance, Ideology

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