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LIAISON Group Adopts a New Brand Identity

November 21, 2023

LIAISON GROUP, has today unveiled a new brand identity to reflect the company’s evolution into a non-banking financial services organization.

The firm which was founded in 1981, now boasts a master brand architecture that features 4 main business units which are Risk and Insurance, Healthcare, Pensions and Investment Advisory with operations across Africa.

“As a non-banking financial services organization, LIAISON GROUP has grown to be a market leader in innovation and technology,”

said the Group Managing Director Mr. Tom Mulwa.

“We have footprints across Africa with many ground-breaking products and solution based portfolio. The time has come to truly unify these assets into a holistic brand that is easily understood by our clients and all stakeholders”

he added.

The rebranding includes a complete redesign of the company’s logo, website, graphics and templates. The new brand assets will include a clearer blue and white logo, along with visual elements that utilize simple, yet bold graphics to convey complex solutions in relatable ways.

The rebranding is more than just a new logo or advertising campaign.

“The new logo reemphasizes our traditional strengths, our perspective on corporate governance, our reputation and credibility in the market. We will drive new changes in our internal processes, practices and culture, as well as intensify our company-wide customer service excellence initiative, to bring our brand alive for them”

said Mr.  Tom Mulwa.

LIAISON GROUP new brand identity is an exciting change and marks our evolution into a one-stop-shop for all non-banking financial services in the Africa. The updated look features our human-to-human approach, reflecting the long-term partnerships we have with our stakeholders and that is reflected in the entirely new marketing communications suite we have developed.

“Going forward, the company will leverage on our global partners from Europe, Asia, China and the Americas to deliver excellent value to our clients”.

LIAISON GROUP is poised to be part of legacy in Africa Arising, we stand to be counted in the Socio Economic Impact in Africa”

said Mr. Tom Mulwa.