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Suluhu Umbrella Scheme is the first of its kind being able to offer comprehensively employers the opportunity to house their retirement needs, medical needs and pension (income draw down) in one platform. Suluhu Umbrella Scheme is being serviced by highly competent service providers and each have their own service level agreements signed by the Trustees to ensure quality of service. Also, the service providers and not related in any way and the presence of a Corporate Trustee ensures Good Governance in the scheme.


Suluhu also offers solution to all categories of employers from small of less than 10 employeesto the big ones who wish to establish pension schemes as part of employee benefits and achieve high level of employee retention. The Trust Deed and Rules which is the document governing the Scheme is compliant with the requirements as set out in the RBA Act, the guidelineson Post-Retirement Medical Schemes and NSSF. Any employer who does not have a Scheme in place can join Suluhu subject to making a minimum of 6% Employer contributions and 6% employee contributions.


Suluhu does not leave out the person retiring today. A retiring person will be supplemented on their monthly pension by having an Income Draw Down from Suluhu. A retiree may opt to purchase an income draw down subject to a minimum contract of ten years and at the same time put some funds aside for the Post-Retirement Medical Scheme (PRMS). Income Draw Down (IDD) schemes are an alternative to annuity plans and also lump sum arrangements because they harness the aspects that are missing from the two alternative and provide for flexible merging of them. The IDD feature in Suluhu is compliant with the Regulatory requirements and will be managed within the framework provided by the Regulator.

Suluhu PRMS Cover

A member can port his/her current medical cover into Suluhu. The funds under Suluhu are split into a portion to cater for retirement income and another will be utilized to secure a medical cover catering for the individuals’ medical need in retirement. Members who port their benefits from existing plans can opt to retain the same limits as they had before. A scheme shall make provisions to allow its members to make Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) in respect to funding a Post-Retirement Medical Fund. The AVC can be from the member, the Sponsor or both. The contributions vest to the member immediately.

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